What is PageRank and How Do I Get It?

Do you know the PageRank of your website and are you aware of it’s impact on your search engine optimisation?

Definition: Developed by the Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, PageRank is a complicated algorithm that brings together many other factors used to determine the relevance and authority of a website and then uses those factors to determine where a website should appear in the search results. PageRank is a measure of a website’s importance and websites with a high PR are considered to be authoritative websites in their field.

In simple terms: PageRank is a complex process that allows us to assign a numerical value to a website to indicate how good it is.

What Counts In Establishing My PageRank?

LinkBuildingGoogle PageRank takes into account many factors, the main one of which could loosely be said to be down to your inbound links. Inbound links are what all website owners should be aiming to get to improve on their PageRank. An inbound link is akin to an online thumbs up. To get one website owner to link to you is the online version of a referral with the link giver saying “I recommend this other guy, go visit his site”, it’s an online vote of confidence for your brand. The more times this happens, the more popular and authoritative your website becomes in Google’s eyes and therefore the more inbound links you can get, the better your site ranks.

Beware! Not All Links Are Created Equally

If Google’s PageRank was as simple as collecting inbound links, the search engine results would simply reflect a list of those website owners who either have all the time in the world to get links or those who have the most marketing budget to buy lots of links. Doing either of these things is not recommended anyway and is not the answer. Not all links are created equally! It should stand as obvious that a link built within an appropriate context from a website in a similar industry to yours, should carry more weight and good “link juice” than a randomly placed link from a website that has no bearing or relation to yours. How different links are valued is another Google mystery that takes into account many many factors! Similarly, if one website owner goes from a handful of links to thousands overnight, this is going to be flagged in Google’s eyes as not that natural.

Have you heard of Link farms? Reciprocal links? Link exchange sites? There is always someone willing to tell you there is an easy way to getting links but they would be fibbing in 100% of cases. Link building is no easy task and takes time and effort and someone who understands the best places to direct a link building campaign according to each client. The best links are contextually relevant, from other authoritative websites and built at a natural, progressive pace.

How Do I Get Good PageRank?

Page Rank is best obtained by having a solid link building strategy in place as part of an integrated search marketing campaign.

While Page Rank is an important contribution to your website’s ranking, as a website owner it’s important not to fixate on just this as it’s not the sole reflection of your website’s importance. Having a high PR does not give you the right to rank at the top and there are many many other factors that are taken into consideration when determining the relevance and authority of a website. It’s no wonder that the Google algorithm is so complex that many people resort to believing this single digit is a marker of how good your site is and if it were the case life would be simple, but alas, it’s not and us SEO’s still have a job.

Remember, Page Rank is A measure of a website’s importance, not THE only measure. Getting Page Rank should be a top consideration in your online marketing strategy but you would also be best advised to ensure that you have a solid SEO campaign in place to take care of your site.

If you’ve found that your website has dropped suddenly in the rankings you may have been hit by the Google Panda updates. Aimed at reviewing the rankings of websites, some website owners with less than wholesome link building strategies may find they are penalised by these periodic updates that Google rolls out.

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