Twitter: Breaking The News In 2013

twitter-128x128According to Statistic Brain there were 2.1 billion daily searches made using Twitter as a search engine in May 2013. That’s 2.1 billion PER DAY! That statistic alone shows the massive pulling power of Twitter as a search engine and is the reason that it is one of the fastest growing search engines in the US and probably the world.

Over the last couple of years, Twitter has grown to be much more than a social networking and micro-blogging website and it’s no wonder that there are around 554 million users registered on the site although according to the same stats just 115 million of those actively use the site each month with 40% just lurking. With constant activity that gets noted and posted every second it’s often the case that Twitter has the power and scope to report the news quicker than any other source. If you’re only source of finding out what’s going on in the world is watching the 9 o’clock news, you’ll often find that you’re hearing about news that is already hours old and in our technological age, that’s positively old news! If you want to quickly scan what’s important right now then Twitter is an easy way to find out the hottest and latest news.


twitterA quick scan of the Trends on Twitter will reveal what is considered to be hot in the Twittersphere. In the current age of ubiquitous mobile technology that sees friends message each other from across a crowded room or tweenagers more accustomed to Facebooking each other than actually doing any of scary face to face talking, having a mobile phone glued to oneself means that at any point you want to quickly notify a lot of people know about something very quickly, tweeting it is often the way to do it. Retweets after retweets could see newsworthy activity go viral in a very short space of time and start to trend across the Twittersphere. A quick look today shows Wimbledon, Happy Canada Day and Zynga trending (in case you were wondering, Zynga is the social game services body responsible for Farmville etc.). Adding a hashtag to your keyword will see that word picked up a lot quicker and particular hashtags can be used to denote particular events such as #wimbledon.

Photos can be uploaded to Twitter quickly and simply and Twitter has seen to be the place where images of major events have first been seen. Eyewitness accounts are often posted straight up for millions to read almost as things happen. In times when a camera crew still has to be dispatched and set up to record events, a bystander and a camera phone and 3G connection are now all that’s needed to get the news circulating in record time.

Twitter also appears to be breaking down barriers with the general public, celebrities and even politicians able to “tweet” to their followers, avoiding traditional media outlets to get a message across. Never before has the line between celebrities and the general public been so vague an reaching out to a celeb is accessible and easy.

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