SEO Copywriting

Back in the days all SEO copywriting consisted of was well written content that made careful use of targeted keywords that were also placed in strategic positions and frequencies.

These days search engine algorithms are much more sophisticated and while well written content is of utmost importance, SEO copywriting needs care and consideration. Content on your website needs to be relevant, authoritative and compelling. It needs to be informative and appropriate to the page theme and above all, it needs to fulfil the objectives as expected by the website visitor and end user. It also needs to be compelling enough to attract backlinks from other website owners which will lead to an increase in your perceived online “popularity” and therefore ranking which in turn will generate more visitors and so things go round!

An SEO copywriter needs to understand the target audience and to provide content that exactly matches what they are looking for. At the same time the content needs to make good and appropriate use of desirable keywords and their variants (Latent Semantic Indexing) in order to highlight to Google what it is that the page content is about so that Google, and other search engines, may rank it appropriately.

SEO Virgin SEO copywriting services focus on the main areas of on-page optimised content and understand how to provide content for people as well as for the search engines.

All websites built by SEO Virgin include optimised content throughout, both in the visible content and in the meta data.