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Are You A Sussex Flower Seller?

Are You A Sussex Flower Seller?

Geographics play a large part in SEO and it’s true to say that many businesses offer services or sell products that are restricted to a certain geographic area such as the local flower shop, the IT support company who service local busineses or the clothes shop on the high street. While the very nature of working on the internet suggests that SEO can be done by someone not local to you, in offering and ranking for SEO Sussex to local businesses, SEO Virgin can provide a more tailored approach to your SEO to ensure you get the most out of your online marketing efforts.

Where Are You?

Geographic targetting in SEO is the process of linking a website to a specific area or region.


In targetting a certain geographic, the aim is that your website stands to rank higher in any region specific searches in the search engines, for example, geographic targetting in Sussex will ensure that your business is targetting customers interested in your particular product or service in the Sussex area. For many businesses there is little point targetting outside a geographic boundary as quite simply, they cannot fulfil any orders placed outside of where they can deliver to. Take the above mentioned local flower shop – being based in Haywards Heath means that their business is likely to come predominantly from customers within Haywards Heath and taking orders for bouquets from customers in Yorkshire is unlikely to make sense on any level. In this way we’re also concerned with only targetting as having the flower shop rank in the German doesn’t have much point either. Similarly, someone searching for a local flower shop is not going to appreciate seeing results from miles away as they would then have to factor in higher delivery charges.

There are many ways to let Google know where your website is based and who your target audience is and SEO gets this done. Google takes many factors into account when establishing where your website is based even before you mould your content to your specific geographic. The location of the hosting, the website extension (i.e. is it a, .com, .de or .es etc.), the language the website is written in and other factors are all used by Google to see where your site is based.

Let Your Content Do The Work

Haywards Heath honey anyone?

Haywards Heath honey anyone?

In addition to those behind the scenes factors, your content also then has the chance to play a major role in letting Google know about the areas you wish to target. For a start your contact page will highlight where you are based and a UK address and phone number are going to be strong indicators of where your business is established. Of course you may be a bee keeper and producer of honey in Haywards Heath but yet you ship your products all over. In this case you still stand to rank better for terms such as “Sussex honey producers” than you would for a “local honey producer” for a search done in Suffolk but it means you also have to work hard to rank for search terms outside of your area. Google will rank you higher for the geographic search coming from the local geographic area than it would for a generic search done elsewhere, simply because the addition of a geographic to the search immediately makes your search more niche and a “long tail” search result for which there will be less competition.

How Can SEO Sussex help?

Getting in touch with a local SEO Sussex company if you yourself are based in Sussex could help you much more than having your SEO done by someone unfamiliar with your target audience. Quite simply, a local SEO agency to you could benefit your website by bringing local knowledge and experience to your SEO. They may also have knowledge of local competitors to you, understand where local companies tend to advertise and generally appear online, they may already know of worthy places to build relevant local inbound links from and will usually have a basic desire to see local companies that they may themselves use, succeed.

SEO Virgin is a part of the Artemis Internet Marketing agency and specialises in SEO Sussex and works with local businesses to provide nothing less than professional and ethical SEO services. With a continued high retention rate, straight-talking and transparent reporting, SEO Virgin offers a uniquely personalised service that ensures you are dealing direct with the person doing your SEO.

If you happen to be in Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Horsham, Brighton, Hove or in fact anywhere in Sussex, speak to the team and get your SEO off to a solid start. Call us on 01444 645018 for a free consultation.

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