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Using Guest Blogs To Propel Your SEO

Blue and white 3D illustration with the word blog repeated  in different shadesSearch Engine Optimisation is a constantly evolving game and keeping on top of it is no mean feat and on a weekly basis I’ll be doing research on what the latest techniques and advice for those in SEO are considered to be, not to mention the reading involved on keeping up with the latest Google updates!

In truth, if you are sticking to the “white hat” SEO techniques and do everything you can to ensure your website is an authoritative and useful website for your visitors, you shouldn’t feel the wrath of the Big G too much nor should you need to worry too much about Panda or Penguin updates as the main aim of the Google updates is to ensure the right websites are ranking at the top and to keep the keyword stuffed and content spammy websites at the bottom.

Whatever I’m reading I will always find research to show that one of the most effective SEO techniques continues to be link building. Good quality link building is often a tedious and lengthy process and for this reason is highly sought after as a specialism. Anyone in SEO after the best sort of links will often have spent hours sifting through websites and social media platforms hunting down bona fide relationships to build with other website owners to get these “good” links. Guest blogging on relevant and authority websites is often one of the most fruitful ways of obtaining these good links.

Guest Blogs for Link Building

A guest blog post is a post you write to post on someone else’s blog. The process involves finding websites in your niche and offering content to them to post. The best guest blog posts blend seemlessly with the host blog so that readers aren’t able to tell them apart. Once you find a good match for your site, many blog owners will then let you include a link in your content, or at least an attribution paragraph in which you can add a bit of info about yourself. We all know that link exchange schemes and reciprocal links are devalued and even harmful to a site so guest blogging seems like the perfect way to build links huh? Well yes, in a way but as ever, nothing to do with link building is quick and easy if done correctly…

Finding appropriate websites is no easy game and neither is finding a blog site owner who is willing to post your content, and at a reasonable cost.

How To Go About Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an undeniably positive method of digital marketing that aims to get you powerful on-theme links and anything that good for your website is never going to be a shortcut. Guest bloggers need to provide useful, informative, compelling and share-worthy content to stand a chance of getting content published.

There are many sites out there that aim to pair up blog owners with guest bloggers and many will charge a premium for you to join as a guest blogger wanting to submit articles, e.g. MyBlogGuest which charges $50/month to submit articles or BloggerLinkUp. It takes time to write compelling content and then find a relevant blog willing to publish your content and it’s no simple statement to say that content is king in the realms of the guest blogging.

NoFollow What I Want To Be A Followed Link

spannerAt this juncture we may need to throw a mini spanner in the works. It’s important to bear in mind that the idea behind writing guest blog posts has to be natural and as a result it is advisable that as a blog owner you should nofollow any links you publish and expect this as a guest poster. “But surely writing a guest post for SEO means that I expect a follow link from it back huh?” I hear you say…Well,  Google needs to see nothing less than 100% natural activity in your link building and writing reems of posts purely to gain links is sure to be an eyebrow raiser in the Google HQ and as such, who knows whether they will be downgraded and thus not proving to be that useful for your site anyhow.

It may go against the desirable end result but by adding a nofollow link to your website Google is kept happy as it’s deemed to be a more natural link and could it even be viewed more favourably as a result? Who knows whether this plays to the Google algorithm or not, but at the end of the day, if you are writing compelling content then people will want to visit the links you mention anyhow and then end up on your website as a new visitor!

SEO Copywriting is offered as part of the SEO Virgin services and focuses on writing top quality content for the benefit of your website. Time and effort goes into understanding your business and brand to be able to provide relevant and useful content appropriate to your core ethics and inline with what you want it to achieve. For more information please get in touch.

SEO Sussex

Are You A Sussex Flower Seller?

Are You A Sussex Flower Seller?

Geographics play a large part in SEO and it’s true to say that many businesses offer services or sell products that are restricted to a certain geographic area such as the local flower shop, the IT support company who service local busineses or the clothes shop on the high street. While the very nature of working on the internet suggests that SEO can be done by someone not local to you, in offering and ranking for SEO Sussex to local businesses, SEO Virgin can provide a more tailored approach to your SEO to ensure you get the most out of your online marketing efforts.

Where Are You?

Geographic targetting in SEO is the process of linking a website to a specific area or region.


In targetting a certain geographic, the aim is that your website stands to rank higher in any region specific searches in the search engines, for example, geographic targetting in Sussex will ensure that your business is targetting customers interested in your particular product or service in the Sussex area. For many businesses there is little point targetting outside a geographic boundary as quite simply, they cannot fulfil any orders placed outside of where they can deliver to. Take the above mentioned local flower shop – being based in Haywards Heath means that their business is likely to come predominantly from customers within Haywards Heath and taking orders for bouquets from customers in Yorkshire is unlikely to make sense on any level. In this way we’re also concerned with only targetting as having the flower shop rank in the German doesn’t have much point either. Similarly, someone searching for a local flower shop is not going to appreciate seeing results from miles away as they would then have to factor in higher delivery charges.

There are many ways to let Google know where your website is based and who your target audience is and SEO gets this done. Google takes many factors into account when establishing where your website is based even before you mould your content to your specific geographic. The location of the hosting, the website extension (i.e. is it a, .com, .de or .es etc.), the language the website is written in and other factors are all used by Google to see where your site is based.

Let Your Content Do The Work

Haywards Heath honey anyone?

Haywards Heath honey anyone?

In addition to those behind the scenes factors, your content also then has the chance to play a major role in letting Google know about the areas you wish to target. For a start your contact page will highlight where you are based and a UK address and phone number are going to be strong indicators of where your business is established. Of course you may be a bee keeper and producer of honey in Haywards Heath but yet you ship your products all over. In this case you still stand to rank better for terms such as “Sussex honey producers” than you would for a “local honey producer” for a search done in Suffolk but it means you also have to work hard to rank for search terms outside of your area. Google will rank you higher for the geographic search coming from the local geographic area than it would for a generic search done elsewhere, simply because the addition of a geographic to the search immediately makes your search more niche and a “long tail” search result for which there will be less competition.

How Can SEO Sussex help?

Getting in touch with a local SEO Sussex company if you yourself are based in Sussex could help you much more than having your SEO done by someone unfamiliar with your target audience. Quite simply, a local SEO agency to you could benefit your website by bringing local knowledge and experience to your SEO. They may also have knowledge of local competitors to you, understand where local companies tend to advertise and generally appear online, they may already know of worthy places to build relevant local inbound links from and will usually have a basic desire to see local companies that they may themselves use, succeed.

SEO Virgin is a part of the Artemis Internet Marketing agency and specialises in SEO Sussex and works with local businesses to provide nothing less than professional and ethical SEO services. With a continued high retention rate, straight-talking and transparent reporting, SEO Virgin offers a uniquely personalised service that ensures you are dealing direct with the person doing your SEO.

If you happen to be in Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Horsham, Brighton, Hove or in fact anywhere in Sussex, speak to the team and get your SEO off to a solid start. Call us on 01444 645018 for a free consultation.

SEO Haywards Heath

SEO Virgin is based close to Haywards Heath and if you are looking for a search engine optimisation specialist in or around Haywards Heath, get in touch today. With experience of the local area and in understanding how and where people search for information online, SEO Virgin can help your Haywards Heath business reap the rewards of having a presence on the internet.

Working with Artemis Internet Marketing, SEO Virgin is in an enviable position to be able to offer your business proven results and an outstanding track record in generating leads and traffic for local businesses including locksmiths, local builders, mobile beauticians and local caterers.


SEO Sussex

As a local Sussex business, I can provide tailored, specific local SEO services to help your business generate more leads, income and brand awareness within your geographic locale.

A good deal of SEO is geographically targetted meaning that if you are a florist in Horsham and can feasibly only serve the area you’re in and immediate surrounding towns in west Sussex, work is done to optimise your business for the relevant search traffic. It’s no good optimising your website for the whole of the UK if there’s no way you’re able to provide bouquets to customers outside of your geographical reach. Optimisation is all about understanding the target audience and ensuring your website can be tailored to aim directly at those you’re trying to reach.

Being a local and familiar with the area of Sussex I can provide suitable and relevant Search Engine Optimisation services so if you have a business based in Sussex, I can help generate increased revenue for you by ensuring that the right people can find you.

Areas covered include; Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Horsham, Cuckfield, Ardingly, Uckfield, East Grinstead, Worthing, Brighton, Eastbourne.


SEO Copywriting

Back in the days all SEO copywriting consisted of was well written content that made careful use of targeted keywords that were also placed in strategic positions and frequencies.

These days search engine algorithms are much more sophisticated and while well written content is of utmost importance, SEO copywriting needs care and consideration. Content on your website needs to be relevant, authoritative and compelling. It needs to be informative and appropriate to the page theme and above all, it needs to fulfil the objectives as expected by the website visitor and end user. It also needs to be compelling enough to attract backlinks from other website owners which will lead to an increase in your perceived online “popularity” and therefore ranking which in turn will generate more visitors and so things go round!

An SEO copywriter needs to understand the target audience and to provide content that exactly matches what they are looking for. At the same time the content needs to make good and appropriate use of desirable keywords and their variants (Latent Semantic Indexing) in order to highlight to Google what it is that the page content is about so that Google, and other search engines, may rank it appropriately.

SEO Virgin SEO copywriting services focus on the main areas of on-page optimised content and understand how to provide content for people as well as for the search engines.

All websites built by SEO Virgin include optimised content throughout, both in the visible content and in the meta data.


The fundamental principles of Search Engine Optimisation are not rocket science to learn. The idea that search engines reward websites that are built with clean and clear code and adhere to the norms and guidelines in order to be ranked effectively and appropriately in the search engine results pages (SERPs) should come of no surprise and it is relatively easy to follow and implement a few general recommendations for your website to be on the way to optimisation.

It is much more demanding however, to understand and use the science and skills of SEO needed to achieve bona fide results and a top ranking website. SEO is constantly evolving as a discipline, science, cornerstone of Internet Marketing or however you want to see it, and as such, it demands focus and attention to stay on top of the game. Google for example, is always introducing additional guidelines and recommendations for website owners to implement and an SEO specialist will ensure only the latest of these guidelines and recommendations are followed and used.

SEO Services

Diagnostic Site Reviews – to identify ways and means in which your website could improve to maximise on your online potential

SEO Consultancy – to work with you on a regular basis on your optimisation needs to ensure your website maintains and builds on it’s online presence

SEO Training – helping you to help your own website and ongoing Internet marketing needs

Link Building – to help your site gain relevant and significant backlinks to improve on your online “popularity”

SEO Copywriting – getting the best out of your website content and other online content

SEO Web Design

A solid online presence starts with an optimised website. Ensuring your website is search engine friendly will mean that your website is not only ranked appropriately and effectively, but also as well as possible. Having a well ranking website is the key to attracting new business and maintaining relations with your existing client base.

View my SEO Website Build Portfolio here

SEO Virgin’s expertise in delivering highly functional SEO websites ensures that clients get websites designed specifically to meet their commercial needs.

Websites that look the part and DO the part

To build an SEO website I use nothing less than fully accessible CSS and HTML5. My aim is to deliver attractive websites that fulfil your demands and help maximise your online business potential.

Why Choose SEO Virgin

SEO Virgin SEO websites are;

  • Built using only W3C compliant XHTML and CSS
  • Use the latest platform technology and CMS
  • Nothing less than fully Search Engine Optimised to give you the best online start from the moment your website is published
  • Created using successful design templates
  • Personalised to your precise needs and requirements

Brochure Websites

WordPress Websites

Ecommerce Websites

Whether you are looking for an e-commerce site, a WordPress website and/or blog, a brochure website or a profile website, I can deliver.

Website Maintenance

Keeping on top of the game means having a website that is regularly checked and updated. Google loves fresh and new content so if you need ongoing website maintenance to ensure your website keeps ranking well, I can also do this.

Website Training

For websites built using the WordPress platform I also provide full training to empower you to be able to change and update areas of content on your site, maintain a news or blog section and any other areas you may want to maximise on from your end.

Miss Cupcakes

Miss Cupcakes is owned and run by Tia-Mai Hong. Tia has been making delicious cupcakes since 2010 and was looking to expand on her online presence and have some SEO done to her existing website.

Specialising in cupcakes and cakes of all sorts including cupcake bouquets, wedding cupcake towers, giant cupcakes and novelty cakes, Tia is happy to work with all customers on personalised designs to be able to bake tasty and unique creations every time. Tia also has an online shop for customers to select from some of the most popular cake and cupcake choices. Miss Cupcakes is already in great demand and call for cupcakes is constantly increasing! Tia is a regular at local fairs and events and we expect further SEO to reap massive rewards for her!

Tia is based in west London and offers delivery and her pretty wares are also available at local stockists in Brooke Green and Barnes.

Miss Cupcakes


Josie Geddes Counselling

I’ve known Josie for many years and she recently set up a private practice as a counsellor in central and west London. Josie came to me in need of a website that highlighted the services she offered and informed potential clients of the types of counselling she specialises in.

In putting together a website for a counsellor I was aware that first impressions can have a big impact and clients tend to choose a counsellor on an initial “feel” they get from someone. A website is an ideal way to make a good first impression to potential clients and great time and care was taken to ensure the look and feel of the website accurately conveyed the messages Josie wanted to be present.

Armed with a freshly designed logo I worked with Josie on all aspects of the site. It has been built in WordPress using a premium Studiopress template. The site has so far been built using preferred SEO plugins to ensure that when the time is right for Josie to do any digital marketing, the website is perfectly positioned to make this possible. It was a pleasure working with Josie and I am certain her practice will be a great success.

Josie Geddes Counselling

Josie Geddes Counselling London

Beauty by Nat

Natalie is a mobile beauty therapist and set up her business “Beauty by Nat” in 2013 from her base in Sunbury on Thames.

Natalie wanted a responsive website that showcased the treatments she specialises in including Shellac, Sienna X spray tanning and eyelash extensions. As the business grows, Natalie’s website is designed to grow with her and has been built using the WordPress platform using one of my favourite Studiopress templates.

As a website specialising in female beauty treatments the site is suitably pink in colour! As a great deal of business is local and has grown from word of mouth recommendations, there is also links to Natalie’s Facebook and Twitter accounts on the home page.

Logo and graphics designed by Dollie Graphics.

Beauty by Nat