Alana Burton

SEO Virgin is Alana Burton. Having spent several years working in the world of property development and property sales and marketing Alana realised that there were infinitely more sales to be had if the real estate agents just had more effective websites. So, armed with very little knowledge but a desire to learn more and a few mentors with brains to pick she set about teaching herself the basics of internet marketing before honing in on SEO.

Fast forward many years and Alana offers a personalised and tailored approach that ensures 100% client retention without fail. In an industry that is not regulated there are so many SEO companies using scare tactics and some are so desperate for business and are so threatened by good work that they will even approach the clients of their competitors with information on seemingly glaring holes in their SEO which amount to nothing! Alana’s work both directly as SEO Virgin and also with her partner’s internet marketing agency, Artemis Internet Marketing, also specialising in SEO Sussex is nothing less than pure and simple good, honest work. There’s no doubt that you need to stay one step ahead at all times in SEO and this will often call for testing out new methods of marketing, link building and so on and at any one time there is always a certain amount of competition, one-upmanship and pushing to ensure the best results possible for clients so not everything is straightforward at all times! But rest assured, if at any point you want to know what goes in to your SEO, you can do. There’s no shirking away from what work goes into your site, there’s no underhand tactics clearly in use by one of my competitors (bless them, good luck with your client retention guys!) and much more sharing than there is scaring.

Throughout her SEO career Alana has worked on a range of clients covering property, travel, e-commerce, start-ups and international brands. When not preaching the necessities of integrated search marketing or practising explaining to family in less than 2 minutes what she does, Alana can be found hanging out with her precious little boy

A successful approach to SEO is based on client education and empowering them to take control of their own online potential

If you’re looking for a fresh and innovative approach to the way you present yourself online then drop me a line today.

Portrait photography Costa del Sol by Mimi van Praagh